The great wood rescue.


There was a time when using wood products was frowned upon. But now our environmental awareness has gone full circle and people are preferring to use a renewal resource that has served humanity across the ages. With one exception:  we do not want to cut down more trees than necessary and yet, incredibly, there are huge unwanted stockpiles of timber around Australia.

‘Rescued’ timber is seen as the way of the future. Many builders, architects and designers are now demanding it. And yet massive volumes of felled trees are still destined to become landfill, chipped or burned because they do not fit the standard milling requirements of many large corporations. Millions and millions of tonnes of perfectly good timber. Wasted and lost — but not here at Welcome. Join us in being part of the solution.

WOOF is truly Australian sourced and made. We create products that are functional and beautiful.
Be part of the solution.

At WOOF, we specialise in the practice of reclaiming and repurposing these disregarded mountains of wood. Based near the Timbertown of Wauchope, we are turning massive logs into dimensional timber which then in turn can be used to create everything from boardroom tables to bread boards and from bespoke lasered wedding invitations to pieces of art. Timber is one of our greatest natural resources. We love it and simply do not think it should be going to waste.
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Some companies we deal with do not have the machinery to mill extra-large logs, while we have also received huge loads of timber cleared for the Pacific Highway (Mid North Coast, New South Wales) upgrade, and we are more than happy to step in and save them from landfill or incineration.
WOOF - Rescued Timber and Australian Made
We cannot imagine a magnificent tree being felled for no real purpose and we have found a massive demand for what we are doing.  It has been quite rewarding to see so many sharing the same vision.